Community Archery Club unites more than 1,000 professionals and fans archery from Belarus, CIS and Baltic countries. Fans of traditional shooting, sporting archery, 3D and hunting, masters and craftsmen – all this Archery Club.


Head of Archery Club.

He has higher sports education. Practicing archery since 2000. Master of Sports in the compound, a member of the Compound National Team, the champion of the Republic of Belarus for shooting Compound..

Repeated winner of international competitions in the Compound, 3D, traditional bow.

Lead instructor for shooting (Compound, Recurve, traditional bow, shooting with rings, bow hunting).

Expert in fitting of and tuning all types of bows.

Facebook: Lavrentiev Oleg
Vk: Lavrentiev Oleg




Head of historical reconstruction.

Practicing archery since 2002. Champion in the traditional bow of the world. The winner of many international competitions in the traditional bow, 3D.

Instructor shooting (traditional bow, shooting with rings, horseback shooting).

Expert in fitting of a traditional bow.

Facebook: Flerko Oleg
Vk: Flerko Oleg



Instructor shooting (traditional bow, recurve, compound).

Practicing archery since 2012.

Winner of many international competitions in traditional bow, 3D.

Master of arrows manufacture.

Facebook: Kalevich Ekaterina
Vk: Kalevich Ekaterina



Instructor shooting (traditional bow)

Practicing archery since 2011.
Winner of many international competitions in traditional bow.

Expert in fitting of a traditional bow.
Master of arrows manufacture, weaving the string.

Vk: Marushkin Vitali

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