Archery for everyone.


The club arranged the archery training in three areas:
– A traditional bow,
– Compound,
– Recurve.

Methods of teaching include: learning the correct stance of, the proper working the shoulder girdle and hands, self-control and self-analysis during the shooting.

Learning archery is organized as follows: in the first stage, you will learn the type of bow, with their work, try using different bows to feel shoot. At this stage it is not necessary to have your own equipment, anyone can take it to rent in the Club. In the future, choosing a type of bow, you will comprehend the art of shooting with instructor.

Learning archery.


During the training you will learn how to shoot from different distances and positions to shoot at moving targets, determine the shooting distance. Learn the basics of high-speed shooting.

An additional motivation for learning and improving skills are many tournaments and competitions organized under the auspices of the Archery Club. Competitive excitement stirs interest and allows to achieve great results.

In addition, there are group and individual classes with a personal coach. Such trainingare particularly effective and can be aimed at achieving different goals: intensive training for competitions, tuning it for sport or hunting. Gift certificate for personal training in archery with an experienced coach – a great gift for VIP-persons!
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