Going Archery in Archery Club.

Trainings are held:
– For men and women;
– For children and adults;
– For those who have never held a bow, but wants to try at least once;
– For those who once trained, and years later wants to start again;
– For those who are learning to shoot himself, but sometimes need the company and support of like-minded people;
– For those who are training hard for a long time;
– For those who love delve in itself;
– For those who are excites to feeling handle in his hands and the feeling of the shot;
– For those who have never engaged in sports;
– For those who already have a few discharge in various areas;
– For those who have low vision;
– For those who see the target at 150 m .;
– For those who want to be photographed with the bow (do not forget to send us photos;);
– For a modest and shy;
– For confident and persistent.

We all – Archery Club!
Join us!

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