Corporate outdoor recreation, archery shooting range.

Planning a sports team building for the employees?

Knocked down in search of the VIP-gift?

Looking for an unusual kind of outdoor activities?

We know how to help you!

“Archery Club” ready to offer you the organization of exciting and memorable event! Agencies, companies and individuals we help to organize team building, sports events, corporate rest on the nature with bows, themed trips of varying difficulty, as our own, as well as on any other sites. Organization of corporate events turnkey unique scenario developedbased all the wishes of the customer, from team building fun sports to hunting with a bow. We are ready to work anywhere in Belarus, in any season and for any number of people.

Only here you will find exclusive equipment: 3D-target and Compound bows of the highest class, as well as moving targets and more! With our professional instructors any member of your event will feel a world-class athlete.

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“Archery Club” gives everyone the opportunity to study archery individual program or in groups.


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