Bow Hunting.


Bow hunting in Belarus – a new kind of hunting in our country, which is in demand not only in our country, but also among hunters from neighboring countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania. Hunting with a bow – it’s not only contact with nature and the excitement of hunting, but also the possession of a unique in our region, type of weapon, which requires special skills.

To hunt with a bow is required not only to have a hunting license and a bow for hunting, but also own techniques of archery, theoretical and practical knowledge. It is the acquisition of skills offers “Archery Club”.

Our Instructors and experts will help to pick up the bow, will give practical recommendations for configuring archery equipment will help learn the technique of shooting a bow. In addition, anyone can attend seminars on 3D archery or take part in tournaments in 3D archery. Such seminars and tournaments, as a bloodless alternative to this bowhunting, help you learn such basic skills as a definition in the eyes shot distance definition Effective affected areas. To conduct these seminars are invited well-known athletes, with many years of experience in 3D tournaments abroad.

On the theoretical course of seminars on 3D archery can learn what is 3D shooting, the history of of this direction. They will highlight issues relating to environmental protection, hunter safety, as well as equipment. Practicing on the volume target depicting animals, you will learn about all the intricacies of hunting with a bow. For sure you will be interested to learn how you can hunt fish with bows, and, of course, how to choose a bow for hunting.

Practical training through seminars for 3D archery help consolidate the skills learned during the course in a mini-tournament, where participants shoot at animals mockups, determining eye distance shot, try to get in some kill zone.

For a more complete development of technique of archery “ArcheryClub” invites everyone to attend archery classes in our club . These lessons provide an opportunity, how to master the basics of this sport for beginners and refine their technique advanced archer. Classes in archery carried out by experienced instructors, winners of many tournaments, in our country and abroad.

For Bow hunting and Bow fishing contact: +375 (29) 399-17-60 Oleg.

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