Archery battles “Archery Battle”.


Archery battles “Archery Battle” – is a fun team game, which can be shared with friends, colleagues in a large company, or you may come to our combined team game.

A game in which you need to communicate and work together cohesively, to think of a strategy to best combat the enemy team.

When two teams meet on the playing field and the whistle blew – the battle begins!

We have a lot of exciting scenarios that can be implemented in Archery Battle.

We are waiting for you! ;)

Gather a team!
And let the battle begin!

The game can be held both on our sites (open / closed) and your.

If you have questions or would like to sign up for the game, call!

+375(33) 902-99-59 (Mike)
+375(29) 655-66-98 (Ekaterina)


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