Welcome to the official website of the Archery Club community, which brings together professionals and amateur archers of Belarus. Here, each archer can find something for him.

We offer:

Archery training (Compound, Traditional, Recurve) is organized on the installations of our club. The instructors of Archery Club work with everyone, groups are formed depending on the level of training of participants. (See the schedule)

Participation in the traditional and sport archery competitions in Belarus on abroad. Members of our club are regular guests at international tournaments and festivals.

Professional consultling with the experts of Archery Club. The technicians of our club help you configure and repair your archery equipment.

Purchase archery equipments. We help you choose and purchase any equipment from simple bows to the latest equipment from world leading companies and equipment for Bowhunting and bowfishing.

Сorporate events. We help corporate client and event agencies to organize exciting and memorable events for their employees: team-building, sporting competitions, themed trips either on our premises or any other place. Many companies trust us with their corporative recreational events and are to always satisfied with the result! Contact us.

Arrow Fight – a fun and exciting team game, where you have to display tactical skills, team work and, of course, hawk eyes in order to beat your opponents with bow and arrows.

Leather Workshop – our craftsmen create real works of art: from ammunition for archers to pleasant little things for the soul. Check it out, and you will just not be able to leave.

All bows which are used in the club, and used by club members are structurally-similar with weapon products and are not weapons, with respect to GOST R 51905-2002, GOST R 52115-2003, STB GOST R 51549-2002 (Republic of Belarus).

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