1. I would like to get into archery. How do I choose a bow, if I don`t know anything about them?

To best is to come to the training and try to shoot from different bows. Instructors will show you the he correct stance and consult with you on all issues related to the individual selection of the bow and its settings.

2. How often do I need training to achieve visible results?

To achieve maximum results, it is desirable to practice at least 3 times a week, but, ofcourse, it all depends on your goals. If you plan to shoot just for yourself, you can come as often as your schedule allows you to.

3. Do I have to buy a bow and arrow or I can rent them?

It is not necessary to acquire your own equipment. We provide a large variety of bows that we lease not only for training but also for participation in competitions.

4. From what age is it possible to begin to shoot? Are there groups for children?

It is possible to start from 12-13 years, there is not upper limit. At this moment in the Archery Club children groups are absent. We recommend you to contact with sports school.

5. Which is the venue for training?

The training process is seasonal. From April to October, we have are located at the summer site near DS L. Karastoyanovoy. During winter, training take place in a gymnasium. See  the schedule.

6. I bought a bow abroad and I can not understand the settings. Can you help me?

Yes we can. You can get advice remotely through email, either face to face by contacting instructors (Contact us). We have extensive experience with all types of bows, from simple traditional to the most contemporary compound.

7. I want to try myself in professional sport. How do I start?

At first you must come to us and start training. After trying a variety of disciplines, you should decide which type of archery (Compound, recurve or traditional) you like the most. With Archery Club, you can go and try your skills at competitions of various levels. Our club works closely with the NGO “Belarusian Federation of archery,” so with good results you will even be able to get into the national team of the Republic of Belarus.

8. I am not in the Archery Club. Can I order supplies (arrows, string) from you, and other sports equipment? What are the terms of manufacturing / delivery?

Yes, no problem. We always have in stock all the necessary supplies, as well as the most common sports equipment. If you order from the exclusive inventory, the delivery time is of several weeks.

9. With which companies you are working?

We work with the leaders of the production of sports equipment, whose products have long established their reputation. These are companies like HOYT,  EastonMathews, Win & Win, KayaSebastien Flute and many others.

10. What are the conditions for training, how much dies it costs?

We have a group of regular classes, which are held on schedule. Subscription for 1 month in such a group is from 32.00 to 200.00 rubles depending on the frequency of visits.

It is also possible to come to one-time classes. Cost of 1 class, including rent bow is 18.00 rubles with a traditional bow, 21.50 rubles with a recurve bow and 27.00 rubles with a compound bow. The cost of training if you bring your personal bow and arrows is of  9.00 rubles. For pupils and students we offer discounts of up to 20%.

Duration of training is 1 hour 40 minutes.

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